Conventional Wheel Types

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Conventional wheel types

Fives’ customer depend on its Gardner abrasive discs to deliver more up-time, closer tolerances and longer life than competitive products because its team of highly trained engineers  do whatever it takes to make it happen. Fives is totally committed to both the quality of its Gardner abrasives discs and the quality of the parts its customers produce with them.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Fives leads the industry with its custom-formulated Gardner abrasive discs. Each disc, or wheel is designed using decades of abrasives application and processing experience to satisfy the customer’s particular requirements.


The cost of grinding is directly related to abrasive performance. That is why high performing Gardner abrasive products, tailored to specific grinding applications, result in lower overall grinding costs. Fives’ wide range of Gardner abrasive wheels are specially engineered to meet specific grinding requirements. With today’s demand for grinding cost reductions, Fives supports it customers with access to a Gardner abrasive specialist, backed by engineering and research personnel, that specifically tailor the right abrasive for each customer application.

Our Offer

Fives offers its customers custom Gardner abrasive disc solutions to exceed their grinding needs.  Fives offers a wide array of Gardner wheel types that will optimize its customer’s grinding process.

  • Gardner Double Disc Abrasives
  • Gardner Cylinder Abrasives
  • Gardner Centerless Abrasives
  • Gardner Roll Abrasives
  • Gardner Surface Grinding Abrasives
  • Gardner Regulating Wheel


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