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Fives designs and supplies custom engineered tooling solutions including diamond and cBN cutting tools, diamond dressings tools, and conventional and superabrasive grinding wheels. Each product line is paired with application support and services (on-site support, training, and retooling).

Fives provides ultimate custom engineered superabrasive cutting and grinding solutions within its Cutting Tools & Abrasives product line with a strong foundation based upon the renowned brands CITCO Tools and Gardner Abrasives. Fives is recognized as the preeminent provider of outstanding tooling and grinding solutions which are expertly designed to fit each customer’s unique requirements.

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CITCO Tools since 1939

1939 Cleveland Industrial Tool Company was founded by Joseph Loecy Sr. in Cleveland, Ohio

1955 Relocated to a larger facility in Chardon, Ohio

1955 Man-made diamond is developed by GE and later De Beers

1969 Superabrasive grinding wheels are introduced within the CITCO Tools product line

1968 CITCO Tools product line is expanded with rotary diamond dressers 

1975 Cutting Tools are introduced within the product range 

1994 CITCO Tools becomes a Division of Western Atlas

1997 Landis, Gardner Abrasives, and CITCO Tools product ranges become part of Unova

2005 Group Fives-Lille acquires Fives Landis Corp.

2011 CITCO Tools relocated to Concord Township, Ohio

2012 Fives Group celebrate its 200 years of industrial progress 

2014 CITCO Tools celebrates 75th anniversary 

Gardner Abrasives since 1905

Gardner abrasives was founded in 1905 by Frederick Gardner in Beloit, Wisconsin and is one of the world's most experienced suppliers of engineered abrasive products for all double disc grinding applications. Gardner's engineers use this extensive knowledge base to develop highly productive solutions to meet customer requirements for precision, quality and efficiency in their grinding operations.

Gardner abrasives is also a world leader in the development of superabrasive products. Gardner offers a broad selection of diamond and cBN grinding wheels using advanced technology to meet the needs of manufacturers.