Gardner double disc abrasives

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Gardner double disc abrasives

Fives is an industry leader providing  Gardner Abrasives custom-formulated ceramic, aluminium oxide, silicone carbide, and superabrasive grinding wheels.  Available in various bond types, each disc or wheel is designed using decades of abrasive application and processing experience to satisfy the customer’s particular requirements.

Our advantage

Fives abrasive products are tailored to specific grinding applications which allows for custom engineered solutions to meet the customers’ needs. Providing exceptional performance in challenging applications, Gardner Abrasives double disc grinding wheels deliver outstanding wheel life, reduce handling, eliminate extra grinding time and provide consistency over the entire run of parts. 

Disc designations

Fives provides an easy guide to identify which Gardner Abrasives double disc grinding wheel is best used in certain grinding applications.

Gardner trade nameBond typeApplication
YELLOW-RIM®ResinDRY or WET grind
SILVER-RIM®OxychlorideDRY grind only
BLUE-RIM®OxychlorideWET grind only
RED-RIM®OxychlorideDRY grind only


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