Gardner roll abrasives

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Gardner roll abrasives

Fives' custom engineered Gardner Abrasives roll grinding wheels allow for optimum performance in roll grinding applications. 

— Less glazing & chatter while reducing dress frequency
— Quicker stock removal while providing longer wheel life
— Available in shellac & resin bonds

Advanced technology

Used in the production and regrinding of rolls amongst the Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Printing paper or textile industries, Gardner abrasive grinding wheels are specially formulated to meet the needs of the customer’s unique application. Fives specializes in precision grinding using the most advanced technology. These cylindrical roll grinding wheels provide excellent surface finish and offer precision grinding of a wide array of rolls.


— Less chatter/less tendency to glaze
— More removal per pass
— Less dressing required
— Uniform and consistent grind
— High surface finish and quality
— Freer cutting

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