CITCO multi & layered point diamond dressing tools

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CITCO multi   layered diamond dressing tools-FIVES

The CITCO multi-point and layered point diamond dressing tools are cluster style dressers, usually containing at least 3 or more diamonds. 

Multi- or layered type diamond dressing tools are used in more aggressive type dressing applications, when faster abrasive truing is desired, and where single point dressing tools are not economical. 


CITCO Multi-point diamond dressing tools


The CITCO multi-point diamond dressing tools are extremely versatile in use and can be used on cylindrical, centerless, double disc, and surface grinders for straight dressing applications.  CITCO multi-point dressing tools are ideal for heavy stock removal applications, where single point tools would not be economical, such as forced production, inexperienced help or severe use on wide wheels. The distribution of the work load over multiple points allows a faster dressing traverse and a wheel face free from taper.

Versatile to fit multiple grinding applications"

CITCO Layered Point Dressers


The CITCO layered point diamond dressing tools are recommended for straight dressing applications, where tool changing is a problem and low initial cost is desired. These tools are designed so that when the first diamond or diamonds are consumed, the next layer is exposed by the dressing operation. These tools are designed for total consumption.



— Set tool at 5° - 15° below centerline of wheel
— Avoid overhang
— Tighten tool firmly in holder
— Flood diamond tool with coolant
— Take light cuts
— Avoid shocks or blows
— Turn tool in holder frequently (LP-21 does not require turning)

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