CITCO standard grit diamond dressing tools

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CITCO Standard Grit Dressing ToolsV2-FIVES

The CITCO standard grit dressing system is an economical dressing solution serving centerless, double disc and cylindrical grinding applications. This disposable, non-resettable dressing system is in stock, ready for quick delivery and backed by Fives’ expert customer service team.


Tool type  Total diamond weight  Shank length & diameter  Grinding wheel diameter 
1AC 2.75 carats 0.937” x 0.4358” (15° angle head)  < 20"
1A 2.75 carats 0.937” x 0.4358” < 20"
2AE 1.75 carats 0.750” x 0.4358” (15° angle head) 14" - 20"
2AD 1.75 carats 0.750” x 0.4358” 14" - 20"
2RK 1.75 carats 1.187” x 0.4365” < 18"



“The CITCO standard grit diamond dressing system features a 1/2” usable depth that is a totally consumable grit slug”



— Suitable for truing cylindrical and standard surface abrasive grinding wheels
— Incorporates CITCO Tools' proprietary diamond disbursement method, providing consistent dressing performance
— Most suitable for aluminum oxide ceramic and resin bonded abrasive grinding wheels types



— Aluminum oxide
— Resin
— Ceramic
— Vitrified
— Hybrid

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