CITCO PcBN round tools

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CITCO PcBN round tools


Fives specializes in custom engineered CITCO PcBN tools and has designed a comprehensive line of tools that are unmatched in the industry.

Our solution

Fives provides an unparalleled technology for the efficient cutting of hardened steel and other hard ferrous materials with CITCO PcBN round tools. Most applicable in the automotive and aerospace industry as well as in the machine tool industry, with CITCO PcBN round tools, customers can expect to achieve the finish and accuracy of the parts requirement.

Our advantage

Fives chooses from a broad range of the most advanced and premium polycrystalline cubic boron nitride materials to precisely match the customer’s application/s. Utilizing the most advanced technology, in-house CAD, prototype and manufacturing facilities enables Fives to respond rapidly and efficiently.

Advantages of CITCO PcBN round tools:

— High removal rates
— Maximize tool life
— High efficiency for high precision machining
— Reduce tooling cost
— High feed rates
— Superior surface finish
— High material removal rates


Thousands of global manufacturers covering a spectrum of industrial segments rely on CITCO Tools' custom engineered solutions for cutting tools that are matched to their respective machines, processes, materials and end products. Customers can rely on Fives for their full commitment to their tooling needs.

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