CITCO PCD boring

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Boring Bars-FIVES

CITCO PCD boring tools

Fives offers a comprehensive line of high-precision CITCO PCD boring tools and bars.  Powerful, highly efficient design and manufacturing software enables Fives’ engineers to rapidly create precision tool designs and models using information from each customer’s unique criteria.  Utilizing Fives’ vast experience, customers can expect an optimally designed CITCO tooling solution unique to each specific application.


Non-Ferrous Metals

— Aluminum silicon

— Aluminum alloys

— Brass alloys 

— Bronze alloys

— Copper           

— Copper alloys

— Lead alloys    

— Manganese alloys

— Pre-sintered tungsten carbide


Abrasive Non-metallics

— Carbon            

— Ceramics

— Ceramics

— Plastics 

— Fiberglass composites


Our advantage

— Downtime reduction     

— Increased tool life

— High removal rates      

— Improved surface finishes

— High productivity       

— Superior edge quality

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