CITCO PCD inserts

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Fives cutting tools abrasives PCD inserts-FIVES
Fives cutting tools abrasives PCD inserts 2-FIVES

CITCO PCD inserts

Fives provides a comprehensive line of high-precision standard and custom PCD inserts under the CITCO Tools name. Utilizing its vast experience, expect Fives to design a precision cutting tool unique to each specific application. Powerful, highly efficient design and manufacturing software enables Fives’ engineer's to rapidly create precision tool designs and models using information from each customer’s unique criteria for precision machining.


Fives designs and supplies precision cutting tools capable of machining non-ferrous materials and non-metal materials such as:

— Aluminum  — Aluminum alloy
— Cast aluminum — Copper
— Copper alloy — Tungsten carbide
— Zinc alloy  — Carbon
— Ceramics— Carbon fiber reinforced plastic
— Acrylics— Composites and many more

Our Advantage

Tipped PCD inserts

— Custom engineered solutions
— Extended tool life
— High removal rates
— Improved finished
— Improved productivity
— Reduced tooling cost

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