CITCO Cutting Tools

Fives offers a wide range of  custom engineered  CITCO PCD and PcBN tools for efficient cutting of non-ferrous metals and abrasive non-metals as well as  hardened steel, cast irons, and powdered metals.  

CITCO Dressing Tools

For over seventy five years, Fives has offered the broadest range of CITCO quality diamond dressing tools in the industry. CITCO diamond dressing tools are available in a variety of custom materials including a variety of in stock tooling options. 

Gardner Conventional Abrasives

Fives is an industry leader supplying custom-formulated Gardner abrasive grinding wheels. Each disc, or wheel is designed using decades of abrasives application and processing experience to satisfy the customer’s particular requirements

Gardner Superabrasives

Fives supplies and manufacturers Gardner superabrasive grinding wheels engineered to deliver ultimate performance. Fives offers both diamond and CBN abrasives in a wide variety of bond types, crystal sizes and styles including; ring, button, segment, and radial line configurations to fit virtually all superabrasive capable grinding systems.

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New CITCO CiBN™ HT Series

Fives introduces new CITCO CiBN™ HT Series coated PcBN cutting tools 

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Focus Product

Fives offers high performance PCD drills developed by CITCO specifically to meet the requirements of today’s precision production drilling applications. 


Fives’ operations are held to the highest environmental and quality standards, learn more about the Cutting Tool | Abrasive certifications.