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CITCO CiBN PcBN Cutting Tools

Fives specializes  in the design of custom and  custom engineered PcBN tools and offers a comprehensive line of cutting tools that are unmatched in the industry.

Our solution

Fives provides an unparalleled technology for the efficient cutting of hardened steel, cast irons, and powdered metals. With CITCO CiBN PcBN cutting tools, customers can expect to increase productivity, extend tool life, and improve work piece quality and surface finishes, as well as reducing production costs by optimizing machine tool efficiency.

Our advantage

Fives chooses from a broad range of the most advanced and premium polycrystalline cubic boron nitride materials to precisely match the customer’s application/s.  Utilizing the most advanced technology, in-house CAD, prototype and manufacturing facilities enables Fives to respond rapidly and efficiently.  

Recommended for high precision continuous hard turning.

CITCO CiBN low content PcBN grades are excellent for continuous cutting of a wide range of hardened steels and powdered metallurgy components from 45-65 HRC. Provides excellent tool life at cutting speeds up to 250 m/min. (800 ft./min.). Precision ground edges (T-lands and hones) are capable of machining to sub-micron finishes. The CITCO CiBN low content PcBN is extremely wear resistant and offer a significant increase in tool life while retaining the integrity and hardness of the cutting edge.

Recommended for moderate to heavy interrupted hard turning of all common hardened steels.

Featuring a cBN content of 55%-70%, CITCO CiBN medium content PcBN grades are an optimum balance of toughness and surface finish capability. These grades employ binder systems that offer good resistance to crater and flank wear. Typical applications include; Hardened steel, bearing steels, tool steels and powdered metals.

Recommended for excellent toughness behavior in heavily interrupted operations and very abrasive materials.

CITCO CiBN high content PcBN grades are ideal for tough, demanding applications on hardened steels, tool steels, hard cast irons, gray cast irons, and powdered metallurgical components. They are highly abrasion resistant for machining outlet valve seat alloys and alloyed work piece materials with high carbide content. Customers are able to achieve reliable and consistent performance on interrupted hard turning, milling and the most demanding applications. The combination of strength and toughness provides fine, smooth cutting edges which may be used up-sharp honed. 

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